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Sky Division

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           For Binoculars:

                      EZ Binoc Mount kit

                                 EZ Binoc Super Mount Kit 

        Upgrades for  your Meade SCT or ACF telescope:

                     2-pound Azimuth Fork Bias Weight  

                    Buck's PRECISION Gears & Buck's Drive Tune-Ups

                    EZ Balance On-Axis Counterweight

                    EZ Clutch Kit

                    EZ Focus Kit  

                    EyeOpener two-inch Visual Back

                    EyeOpener 2-inch Tube Adapter  

                    Get-A-Grip ergonomic scope handles

                    Mounting Assistant

                   Tripod Shrink Kit

                  Distributor listing  (You may order directly from us if you prefer)

                    Freebies: Mirror Lock Fix procedure and CCD setups

On a personal note, check out Pete's Wishing Star Observatory