EZ Binoc Mount Kit

As with almost all of our products, this mount was originally developed to meet my rather demanding personal needs.  Its weatherproof and virtually indestructible, so that it can be left outside for instant use.  Its portable - it can be moved around the yard to various locations or broken down for transport.  Its solid and stable.  It is a 5 axis design that allows viewing from any position.  It takes no more than 10 seconds to mount or dismount the binoculars.  The mount's inexpensive, and it will accommodate almost any size binocular from 7X50 to 25X100 .



Pete using Antares 22 X 100 Giant Binos








Using Antares 22 X 100 Giant Binoculars
Look Ma!  No hands!  This mount has     
perfect balance in any orientation             





Oberwerk 15 X 70s mounted















The EZ Bino Mount with the Antares 22X 100 Giant binoculars mounted.
Note that the binoculars can be placed in any position due to the 5 axis design. 

Observing with the Oberwerk 15 X 70s





























Some do it horizontal.  It is easier on the neck.

And some like to travel, as it's nice to be able to get away to a darker sky.  By unscrewing the 3 legs and the counterweight arm the mount becomes very compact - less than 4-feet by 1-foot by 1-foot and will fit almost anywhere.

What's in the kit?   All parts that required machining,  welding, drilling or thread tapping.  Plus parts that were carefully chosen for this mount and are not commonly available elsewhere.  Except for the modified pipe fittings all metal parts are stainless steel.  While a pipe mount approach appears relatively simple, the 24-page photo illustrated instructions are based upon months of development and years of refinement.

At final assembly you configure the mount for either a vertical post type mount (typical of 25X100 and larger binoculars) or a horizontal screw mount such as I have on my 15X70 binocular.  The kit contains all mounting screws and other hardware for mounting your binocular in either configuration.

To minimize your total mount cost we have kitted the critical parts only, leaving you to purchase the pipe & fittings locally so as to eliminate very costly freight charges.   The above pipes and fittings are universally available, and national outlets like The Home Depot or Grainger have this material on the shelf.  Total cost for required pipe & fittings runs about $90 - $100.

ALERT TO POTENTIAL NON USA CUSTOMERS: This kit requires the use of ANSI schedule 40 steel pipe and fittings threaded to National Pipe Thread (NPT) standards.  This pipe is universally used in the United States, Canada and Japan but may not be available in other countries.  Please check before ordering.

The assembly procedure is simple, and the detailed step by step instruction sheet is photo illustrated so that you can't go wrong.  Two detailed Cloudy night reviews are to be found at Astro Blog and on Cloudy Nights

Put yourself in the driver's seat.

For more about this mount see mount background.

For customer enhancements and refinements to the mount see customer mods

What do our customers say?

From CA: Well, I wasted over a $1000 on image stabilized binoculars. I had forgotten about the amazing views through my larger aperture binoculars. Ever since buying my first pair of 10x30 Canon IS binoculars, the others have been collecting dust. But, Wow! That mount works perfect. Last night, first light. I have never had such a pleasant, relaxed viewing session with large binoculars, whether standing, sitting, or lying in the chaise, the mount worked flawlessly, butter smooth.  I found the EZ Binoc Mount online on Cloudynights.com. I built a 10" f5 reflector over the winter and I've been searching for ideas and plans to build a GEM, or a alt-azimuth pipe mount, and found the review of your binocular mount. So I thought I would give it a try, and get some experience working with galvanized pipe, and hand lapping the swivel joints.. And now I have great binocular mount.  Thank you.

From CA:  "The binocular pipe mount kit arrived last week, and I put the finishing touches on it this afternoon and tried it out with my new Orion 15x70 binocular...  I am VERY impressed with its ease of use and steadiness!  ..... Simple as your design appears, it clearly involved a lot of "cut-and-try" and I hate to think how much pipe and fittings I would have wasted trying to reach the same goal.  Soooo.... Many thanks for all your work; it is MUCH appreciated!"

From RI: "Thanks for letting me stop by this past Friday to pick up the Binoc mount kit. I put it together Sunday and it works like a champ.  I gave it a textured green Rustoleum finish, so it blends in with the patio furniture on my deck.  It makes binocular stargazing a hundred times better. The instructions were detailed and easy to follow.  Congratulations on a great product!  

From MA:  "...last night had five people out (from 6:30 - 8) so they could learn how wonderful it was to look through telescopes while you freeze - stars just don't seem to offer enough warmth to most folks, though they enjoyed climbing the Alps and were especially thrilled with the Alpine Valley! (Learned a little about impact craters, central mountains, lava flows and time as well. ) .... one of the women here last night did get extremely excited when she used the 16X50 binos - on a Peterson pipe mount, of course - to find the Pleiades. (Wish you could have seen her. She is not at all mechanically inclined and I did not explain a thing about the pipe mount to her. Just pointed her at the eyepieces and put her hands on the two 12-inch pipes, then walked away. She did the rest, which is to say this is a very intuitive set-up.) Yes, I know about big binos and have owned and used some of the best - but you wouldn't believe the squeals of delight when, on her own, she found M45. Folks are impressed they can do this with the binoculars many of them already own - though, of course, mounting them helps a whole lot. In fact, I think mounts such as yours are more important than the particular binos used in terms of making the experience satisfying to the beginner. Afterall, modest 50mm binos are bumping our photon input by a factor of about 100 ( at least for my 64-year-old eyes) - to get a similar leap over the 50mm binos I need to go to my 15-inch Obsession."

From Texas (A response on Yahoo's Binocular Astronomy group to someone bemoaning the cost of a heavy-duty binocular mount) "The Peterson Engineering EZ binoc mount may be worth a look to you. The kit is inexpensive, and the pipe, fittings, and everything else you need to build it were available locally. I am extremely happy with mine and if you follow the instructions, it is at least as good and in most cases, better than any mount on the market. When properly counterweighted, you can easily manipulate it into any observational position and just let go for "hands free viewing". Especially useful for the larger binos. I have no vested interest in promoting this mounting system, I am just a very satisfied user or it.  Oberwerk 22x100 binos


From Ohio: To say I am thrilled would be a profound understatement. Although with my total lack of experience in “plumbing” and some trepidation at my ability to set up the mount, I finally decided to take a shot at it. I gave it two coats of paint and tried it out this morning by using it to view the half moon with my Celestron 15 x 70. It worked like a charm…Easy on and Easy off…I can hardly wait to try it tonight. Thanks for having the EZ Bino Mount out there.

Message #10546 posted to Yahoo’s Binocular Astronomy forum:  I use the EZ Binoc-Mount from Peterson Engineering. It can be moved to any angle, and can be used standing, from a chair, recliner, or standing on your head for that matter. It does not have the limited range of motion inherent in tripod mounted setups. It is a build yourself kit, so the price is not at all prohibitive. I have used this mount with my Celestron 25x100s for well over a year now and have enjoyed every minute of use. Because of its almost unlimited range of motion, I can spend hours of uninterrupted viewing without the neck pain that is associated with prolonged use of tripod mounted setups. I have done several business transactions with Pete, as he also sells many telescope upgrade kits, and have found him to be honest and dedicated to the satisfaction of his customers. He will not attempt to sell anyone anything that they don't want or need. If he feels that his product would not benefit you, he will tell you so.  While I must admit that it is an odd looking contraption, it's user-friendly design makes it a winner in my book. If you are someone that is more interested in looking good than in astronomy, then you might want to think twice about it.  As for me, I will place astronomy over vanity every night of the week.    Seekonk , MA

Brubank CA: Just wanted to let you know that I have completed my standard pipe mount kit. It works very well with my 10 lb. 25x100 Zhumell binoculars.  The assembly instructions were thorough, easy to follow and complete. Thanks very much for a great product at a reasonable price

Newtown PA: Just wanted to let you know that I am very happy with the EZ Binoc Mount kit.  It works very well with my Orion 10x50's.  The balance is amazingly rock-solid with very smooth movement.  I really don't use the thumbscrews at all.  The instructions were very clear and the assembly was straightforward.  Not only is this mount less costly than those available from other manufacturers, the functionality seems far better than anything else that I have seen.  My 13 year-old daughter loves skywatching and has had no problems in figuring out how to use the mount.  Thanks for a high-quality and useful product.

From Yahoo's binocularastronomy user group posting of Mar 17, 2009:
     Was wondering if anyone had used this EZ Binoc Mount kit?  ..... Looks easy enough.  M
     I have used this item for about 2 years.  You won't find a better one.  Easy to put together.  Works as claimed.  S

$124.95 plus postage


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